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Voiced? Voiceless? Is she speaking English?

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO this for me. Close the doors, ask people to leave you alone or they’re going to think you went nuts. But it’s the only way you can begin to UNDERSTAND why we pronounce this and not that in English. Many rules in English pronunciation are based on the difference voiced vs voiceless. For instance, the way the past participle -ed is pronounced.
Put your hand on your throat and say “p” and then “b”…in which one do you feel like a vibration in your neck/throat? With ‘p’ there’s no vibration, with ‘b’ there is a vibration in your vocal chords. If there’s a vibration, that sound is called ‘voiced’. If not, it’s voiceless. All vowels are voiced.

Written by ElenaBen

March 10, 2008 at 9:08 am

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