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New year resolutions? 2008 language courses…

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Back to the daily grind…after some time off. Alas, it’s never enough, though. I am right now kind of busy polishing a chapter for a Handbook but eager to start language courses at Centro de Lenguas (UPV)…So I guess I should be polishing my whip too, hehe.

Whatever, let’s see, you have to answer yes or not:

a) Do you want to speak English?  (or any other language for that matter),

b) Well done then, so, don’t you think it’d be great if you could attend a language course?

c) I think so, too…

Centro de Lenguas is offering again FCE courses and oral courses focused on FCE Speaking Paper (5).

Check the timetable/groups/fees here:  Centro de Lenguas: Cursos Feb-May 2008

So, what are you waiting for? Yes, 2008 = coming to grips with English.

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January 21, 2008 at 2:05 pm

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  1. Good resolution… I do really encourage everyone to improve english… it´s really weird to find out how difficcult is to establsh a conversation in english out here in Spain ;)… people is so afraid to talk!!!

    Welcome Back… You´ve been more than a month without writing… 🙂



    January 21, 2008 at 4:02 pm

  2. Yep, more than 1 month! Mine, however, is not a forced blogging. I have been very busy with the exams and lessons at Centro de Lenguas and Escuela de Industriales and also on drafting then and polishing now a chapter for a Handbook on web 2.0 and language learning that will be published this year (hopefully). And let’s not forget Xmas time! Last year I wasn’t able to switch off but this year I forced myself to relax and enjoy some free time with friends and family. It’s the only way to come back with full stamina. I hope they give me another FCE course this term so I can blog here with a focus. I will, anyway. And I agree with you, people are just so shy and they don’t realize that you have to be a risk-taker; if you are afraid of making mistakes, then forget about learning a language. But I think that the real problem is that Spanish people come to English courses as if teachers were wizards and we had a magic pill, just like in Matrix. Most of my students think that attending lessons and doing homework is enough to learn a language. And I wonder, would you have learned your mother tongue if you had just practiced it 4 hours a week? Thanks for the comment, Antonio! Btw, you changed your site, didn’t you?


    January 21, 2008 at 4:22 pm

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